Gold Coast Matcom Ltd is a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) distribution company established in 2004 with the goal of providing top quality products to the Ghanaians.

We are in our 15th year of activity and we have become one of the leading distribution companies in Ghana.

We are extremely committed and fully understand what needs to be done to grow our brands.

GCM Ltd has gained the reputation of an extremely reliable and dedicated partner for its international suppliers, its brands and its clients.

Our national network extremely strong and our client base in modern and traditional trade is very diverse including retailers (small, medium, large), wholesalers, pharmacies, mothercare shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, catering companies, electronics shops, petrol marts, wine and spirit shops, etc

We strive to distribute premium products and provide great service to our customers.

Our continuously growing company employs 157 employees with 65 vehicles

"Efficient and consistent national distribution of quality products bringing value for money"

"Getting the right products at the right time in the right place"

To provide the Ghanaian population with top quality products at competitive prices.

To ensure optimum customer satisfaction

To balance the needs of consumers, customers and suppliers